Development History of Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Bead Wire Saw

Diawe Tools has written a detailed introduction to the diamond wire saw. Here, we will supplement and expand the development history of the diamond wire saw.

the Origin of Diamond Wire Saw

The technology of cutting marble with spiral wire rope originated in the 19th century. A Belgian used the improved spiral wire rope in the mining of marble mines in 1854.

In 1953, it has been proved technically that it is possible to use diamond bead wire saws to cut the marble in mines. With the appearance of synthetic diamond in 1959, the diamond wire saw has made another step forward in a practical way as a cutting tool. In 1968, the diamond “beads” forged with diamonds were sleeved outside the steel wire rope and made into a shape similar to a necklace, so that the flexibility of the wire rope was combined with the toughness and sharpness of the diamond, and a diamond bead wire saw was manufactured.

The earliest finished diamond bead wire saw was displayed at the S. Ambrogio Stone Expo (1969-1970) in VERONA, Italy. At the same time, the wire saw with electroplated diamond beads was tested for the first time in Italian marble mines. In 1974, it was the first time to try to cut hard stone with a diamond bead wire saw at University Hannover, Germany, and began the semi-official experiment of cutting granite with a diamond bead wire saw.

Rapid Development of Diamond Wire Saw

1978-1979 was a turning point for the diamond bead wire saw to enter the stone mine. When the first diamond bead wire saw was successfully tested in the Italian APUAN stone mine in 1978, it dwarfed the old and backward stone mining technology that had been used for a century, which marked that the marble mining and processing technology had entered a new field, the diamond bead wire saw mining technology would become the dominant technology for marble mining in the future.

The first CNC diamond wire saw was put into use in the factory in 1990, marking that the diamond wire saw has entered the CNC era with high technology. In the middle of the 1990s, the successful development of the diamond multi-wire saw directly challenged the traditional processing method of the frame wire saw to produce marble and granite slabs.


After more than 30 years of development, people have realized that the diamond wire saw mining technology not only makes the traditional stone mining operation more modern, and the original bad working conditions of the mine improved, but also establishes and consolidates the mining process foundation of non-destructive stone mining and environmental protection. Today’s diamond wire saw cutting technology has become more and more perfect, becoming a mature, advanced and universal technology system, which has been accepted by stone mines and processing factories in various countries.

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