Difference Between Concrete Diamond Wire Saw and Stone Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw Bead for Concrete and Stone

Diawe Tools has written a guide to diamond wire saws before, which mainly refers to stone diamond wire saws. In addition to being widely used in the field of stone mining and processing, diamond wire saws are also used in other industries, most typically in building construction and concrete cutting(harmless demolition, and repair of buildings). Because the cutting objects and working conditions are different, what is the difference between the diamond wire saw used for stone processing and concrete processing?

Different Design Concept

The diamond wire saw used in concrete construction is different from the diamond wire saw used in stone production in the design concept.

First, consider the construction environment, cutting objects and methods. According to the characteristics of concrete component cutting, the concrete diamond wire saw must have the function of vertical and horizontal cutting.

Moreover, the cutting position must also meet the cutting requirements of the ground level, the level of a certain height (much higher than the bench height of more than ten meters during the stone mining and cutting), and the excavation-type horizontal cutting surface deep below the level, as well as the underwater cutting operation requirements.

At the same time, it should also have the function of cutting vertical surfaces, and the conversion of the two operation positions must be fast and convenient.

In addition, it must also adapt to rectangular, circular and “blind cutting”, etc., shape cutting, as well as the cutting method that adapts to these cutting shapes.

Different Equipment Requirements

Because the construction operation site is narrow, especially in the construction site where building cement components are removed or old buildings are repaired, there is generally no open construction site. In such a situation, the concrete diamond wire saw is different from the diamond wire saw used for stone mining. To make up for the shortage of narrow operation sites, in order to complete the cutting, guide wheels can be used in large quantities to guide the diamond wire saw to the position to be cut. The basic requirement for the concrete diamond wire saw is that the sawing machine system must be portable, and have the structural characteristics of flexible disassembly and assembly so that it can be easily moved from the ground to the underground or above the ground(more than 20m high) for operation, and it is also required that it can be remotely operated more than 20m from the cutting equipment (to ensure safety).

Although the concrete diamond wire saw is much lighter than the diamond wire saw used in stone production, its cutting force and feed speed should not be affected by the smaller size of the equipment(due to the operation site is small). Therefore, special requirements must be put forward in structural design, selection of sawing machine manufacturing materials and power system.

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